New, Free Story! The Dragon Maker

“Griselda made dragons out of words. No one knew how. One moment she’d be hunched over her desk, scribbling furiously, only stopping occasionally to dip her quill or suck on it thoughtfully, her chin lifted and her eyes somewhere else. And the next moment...

Read the rest of my new fantasy story “The Dragon Maker” for free on the e-zine Zooscape here: And be sure to check out the rest of Issue 9:

Thank you for your interest! 🙏

One thought on “New, Free Story! The Dragon Maker

  1. Really loved your story! Yesterday I thought I posted several times to my story and wall but it kept disappearing! ? Did send to my friends-no comments yet. Posted my comment but also did not see it so waiting so I don’t do it twice.

    Griselda is really cool! What a special gift she has! I like her a lot. She might be good to keep around for future stories. Envisioning a series! (Down the road – in the far future, when you have time. Would like to see them in print!)

    I love you and miss you and hope all is going well! (A moment in time.) So proud of you and Congratulations on another great story!

    Love and hugs! XO Becky

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