Where Does It Hurt?“, Zooscape: Issue 16 (FREE!)
The heartbreak werewolves leave you is worse than their bite.

The Corvid King,” Zooscape: Issue 14 (FREE!)*
To a world that has all but forgotten him, King Arthur returns…as a crow?

“Random Acts of Magic,” Daily Science Fiction (FREE!)
“Sadie is playing in the sandbox at the park the day she casts her first spell.”

“The Esteemed Magixzoologist, Fakhir Saleh,” Dogbumps Academy of Wayward Wixards
A Black transgender magic student studies the bioacoustics of winged wolves, while trying not to fall in love with the teaching assistant of her class.

The Dragon Maker,” Zooscape: Issue 9 (FREE!)
“Griselda made dragons out of words…”

“Of a Hawk and a Lighthouse,” read on The Voice of Dog podcast by Khaki here (FREE!)
An abandoned lighthouse on a lonely cliff receives an unexpected visitor.

“From the Rooftop Came the Cat,” “On a Sickle Weasel Wind,” and “Supper of Suppon,” Insignia: Japanese Fantasy Drabbles
Three 100-word tales of supernatural beings from yôkai folklore.

“What Spawned the Sequel,” Echoes: An Anthology by the 2019 McAllen Public Library Writing Circle (FREE!)**
A rejected werewolf actress longs to make her Hollywood dreams come true.

“Properly Pounced Coffee,” The Daily Grind (paperback here, ebook here)
A bumbling fox butler angers his grumpy badger boss.

“The Monster’s Story,” Spring’s Blessing: A Spring Fantasy Anthology
What happens when a dragon falls for a princess?

“The Star Ball,” Insignia: Asian Birds & Beasts
A neurodivergent boy encounters a wily kitsune.

“Beyond Acacia Ridge,” Exploring New Places (paperback here, ebook here)***
Two hyenas go on a quest to find out where the sun goes at night.

“The Last Roundup,” ROAR Volume 9 (paperback here, ebook here)
An anthropomorphic cattle dog’s lifestyle is threatened by changing times.

“Too Close to the Sun,” Where We May Wag (paperback here, ebook here)
A postal worker and a cop unearth the secret experiments of a brilliant but cruel plastic surgeon.

“The Fox-Man,” SPECIES: Foxes (paperback here, ebook here)
A post-apocalyptic science fantasy about a war between humans and nature.

“The Moon Fox,” Cosmic Roots and Eldritch Shores (FREE and beautifully illustrated. Nominated for a Cóyotl Award and a Leo Literary Award!)****
A fox with strange powers struggles to find where he belongs.

“When Pigs Fly,” ROAR Volume 8 (paperback here, ebook here)
A pig dares to dream.

“A Fate Purse than Death,” The Supreme Archvillain Election
A middle-aged woman who dotes on her Chihuahuas is not what she seems.

“Hungry,” Fossil Lake IV: SHARKASAURUS!
A shark attains human sentience and feels regret.

“Catching the Thief,” A Glimpse of Anthropomorphic Literature (paperback here, ebook here)
A grumpy collie and a singing cow try to catch a thieving fox.

“Cages,” Wolf Warriors III: Winter Wolves
A parable about institutional religions and the spiritual wisdom they both promote and oppress.

“Paradise,” Wolf Warriors III: Winter Wolves
A lonely, dying wolf searches for unicorns.

“The Voice,” Wolf Warriors III: Winter Wolves
A wolf with one eye bears witness to the end of the world.

“A Thousand Dreams,” ROAR Volume 7
A legend about why wolves howl, featuring a cosmic owl.

“Wolves and Foxes,” ROAR Volume 6
Two parallel stories, both about a conniving trickster. Which one is real?

“The Tale of John Marker,” Bewildering Stories (FREE!)
A police dog trainer gets caught in a battle over the future of life and death.

“Home,” The Roaring Slug Vol. 1: Returning Home
Two high school kids have a conversation on the bus about war and compassion. But this story is much bigger than them.

*Note: “The Corvid King” was originally published in ROAR Volume 10 (paperback here, ebook here)

**Note: The Echoes anthology is also available in paperback at the McAllen Public Library

***Note: “Beyond Acacia Ridge” was later continued in a standalone book:

****Note: “The Moon Fox” is also included in The Cóyotl Awards Anthology (paperback here, ebook here)