“Random Acts of Magic,” Daily Science Fiction (COMING SOON!)

“The Esteemed Magixzoologist, Fakhir Saleh,” Dogbumps Academy of Wayward Wixards
A Black transgender magic student studies the bioacoustics of winged wolves, while trying not to fall in love with the teaching assistant of her class.

“The Dragon Maker,” Zooscape: Issue 9 (FREE!)
“Griselda made dragons out of words…”

“Of a Hawk and a Lighthouse,” read on The Voice of Dog podcast by Khaki here (FREE!)
An abandoned lighthouse on a lonely cliff receives an unexpected visitor.

“From the Rooftop Came the Cat,” “On a Sickle Weasel Wind,” and “Supper of Suppon,” Insignia: Japanese Fantasy Drabbles
Three 100-word tales of supernatural beings from yôkai folklore.

“What Spawned the Sequel,” Echoes: An Anthology by the 2019 McAllen Public Library Writing Circle (FREE!)
A rejected werewolf actress longs to make her Hollywood dreams come true.
(NOTE: Also available in paperback at the McAllen Public Library)

“The Corvid King,” ROAR Volume 10 (paperback here, ebook here)
To a world that has all but forgotten him, King Arthur returns…as a crow?

“Properly Pounced Coffee,” The Daily Grind (paperback here, ebook here)
A bumbling fox butler angers his grumpy badger boss.

“The Monster’s Story,” Spring’s Blessing: A Spring Fantasy Anthology
What happens when a dragon falls for a princess?

“The Star Ball,” Insignia: Asian Birds & Beasts
A neurodivergent boy encounters a wily kitsune.

“Beyond Acacia Ridge,” Exploring New Places (paperback here, ebook here)
Two hyenas go on a quest to find out where the sun goes at night.
“Beyond Acacia Ridge” was later continued in a standalone book:

“The Last Roundup,” ROAR Volume 9 (paperback here, ebook here)
An anthropomorphic cattle dog’s lifestyle is threatened by changing times.

“Too Close to the Sun,” Where We May Wag (paperback here, ebook here)
A postal worker and a cop unearth the secret experiments of a brilliant but cruel plastic surgeon.

“The Fox-Man,” SPECIES: Foxes (paperback here, ebook here)
A post-apocalyptic science fantasy about a war between humans and nature.

“The Moon Fox,” Cosmic Roots and Eldritch Shores (FREE and beautifully illustrated. Nominated for a Cóyotl Award and a Leo Literary Award!)
A fox with strange powers struggles to find where he belongs.
“The Moon Fox” is also included in The Cóyotl Awards Anthology (paperback here, ebook here).

“When Pigs Fly,” ROAR Volume 8 (paperback here, ebook here)
A pig dares to dream.

“A Fate Purse than Death,” The Supreme Archvillain Election
A middle-aged woman who dotes on her Chihuahuas is not what she seems.

“Hungry,” Fossil Lake IV: SHARKASAURUS!
A shark attains human sentience and feels regret.

“Catching the Thief,” A Glimpse of Anthropomorphic Literature (paperback here, ebook here)
A grumpy collie and a singing cow try to catch a thieving fox.

“Cages,” Wolf Warriors III: Winter Wolves
A parable about institutional religions and the spiritual wisdom they both promote and oppress.

“Paradise,” Wolf Warriors III: Winter Wolves
A lonely, dying wolf searches for unicorns.

“The Voice,” Wolf Warriors III: Winter Wolves
A wolf with one eye bears witness to the end of the world.

“A Thousand Dreams,” ROAR Volume 7
A legend about why wolves howl, featuring a cosmic owl.

“Wolves and Foxes,” ROAR Volume 6
Two parallel stories, both about a conniving trickster. Which one is real?

“The Tale of John Marker,” Bewildering Stories (FREE!)
A police dog trainer gets caught in a battle over the future of life and death.

“Home,” The Roaring Slug Vol. 1: Returning Home
Two high school kids have a conversation on the bus about war and compassion. But this story is much bigger than them.