“The Corvid King,” ROAR Volume 10

“Properly Pounced Coffee,” The Daily Grind

“The Monster’s Story,” Spring’s Blessing: A Spring Fantasy Anthology

“The Star Ball,” Insignia: Asian Birds & Beasts

“Beyond Acacia Ridge,” Exploring New Places (paperback here, ebook here)

“The Last Roundup,” ROAR Volume 9 (paperback here, ebook here)

“Too Close to the Sun,” Where We May Wag (paperback here, ebook here)

“The Fox-Man,” SPECIES: Foxes (paperback here, ebook here)

“The Moon Fox,” Cosmic Roots and Eldritch Shores (FREE! Nominated for a Cóyotl Award and a Leo Literary Award)*

“When Pigs Fly,” ROAR Volume 8 (paperback here, ebook here)

“A Fate Purse than Death,” The Supreme Archvillain Election

“Hungry,” Fossil Lake IV: SHARKASAURUS!

“Catching the Thief,” A Glimpse of Anthropomorphic Literature (paperback here, ebook here)

“Cages,” “Paradise,” and “The Voice,” Wolf Warriors III: Winter Wolves

“A Thousand Dreams,” ROAR Volume 7

“Wolves and Foxes,” ROAR Volume 6

“The Tale of John Marker,” Bewildering Stories (FREE!)

“Home,” The Roaring Slug Vol. 1: Returning Home

*NOTE: “The Moon Fox” is also included in The Cóyotl Awards Anthology from FurPlanet Productions (paperback here, ebook TBD)