The Supreme Archvillain Election

Hi friends,

The Supreme Archvillain Election is out now! In this anthology of connected short stories, supervillains created by eight different authors are vying for the position of Supreme Archvillain! Who will win?

My own supervillain is a middle-aged woman called Entropurse who loves Chihuahuas, sunsets, Beauty and the Beast, and sowing chaos wherever she goes. Here is an illustration of her by my coauthor Amanda Postman.


You can check out the anthology here:

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Hi friends!

Fossil Lake IV: SHARKASAURUS! is out now! This dinosaur-packed, shark-infested anthology features my short story, “Hungry,” about the moral dilemma of an anthropomorphic shark, and my poem, “Bite Marks,” about old wounds that never quite healed. You can get it as a paperback through Amazon or as an ebook through Smashwords. Sink your teeth into it!

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