In Progress: Choice of the Fox Spirit, an interactive fantasy novel from Choice of Games!


(This is not the cover art for Choice of the Fox Spirit but a placeholder that will be here until the game comes out. Stay tuned!)

break stuff new resize

Break Stuff: In Break Stuff, you make decisions for a troubled young woman who just broke up with her boyfriend. When your old friend from high school comes over, she invites you to vent your negative feelings by breaking stuff. Who could resist?

Break Stuff is a short, FREE Twine game about depression, lost love, feminism, growing up, and the brokenness that makes us human. It is an entry in the 2019 Interactive Fiction Competition. Here it is on the 2019 IFComp ballot, which is also where you can find and play the other entries: Please see the content warnings before you decide whether to play Break Stuff or not.


Red Dog and the Endless Spaceship: You are Red Dog, a canine guest on a luxury interstellar cruise! But are you really? And where are you going? Play this short, quirky Bitsy game for FREE on here:

dog cover

This Game is a Dog: A short, delightfully weird Twine game about the adventures of your text-based dog. Play for FREE on here:

Through Time and Space Cover

Through Time and Space: A short Twine game about time travel, family, and grief. Play for FREE on here:

Cassandra byline

Cassandra the Wolf Princess: By day, you work at a soul-sucking corporate job. By night, you dream of running with the wolves. What happens when your two worlds collide? Play this short Twine game FREE on here:


The Secret: A short Twine game about whether to confess about your crush on your friend. Play for FREE on here: