Nowhere to Go, my new, free Twine game!

Hiya, friends! Today marks the release date of my newest free Twine game on, titled Nowhere to Go.

Nowhere to Go is an interactive fiction game about being stuck in quarantine. Find healthy ways to cope with reality or engage in avoidance behaviors. Will you uncover hope amidst your sorrow or sink deeper into grief?

You can play Nowhere to Go for free at the following link: Please read the CONTENT WARNINGS before deciding whether to play. I hope this game will bring you some small measure of light in the darkness. Stay strong, my friends. ✨

2 thoughts on “Nowhere to Go, my new, free Twine game!

  1. Another sensitive and insightful game from this creator! I loved playing through this one – the choices are so real and the consequences are true to life – especially true to our lives now in this age of being isolated and closed in on ourselves! The player learns to keep trying, learning that going on (even when one feels the effort isn’t vey good) can truly give rewards and satisfaction. This game gave me hope in struggling to get through all the discouragement of this difficult time. Five stars!

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  2. She got it exactly right! Been experiencing these feelings and making these choices myself. This is a difficult time . It’s helpful to feel that you are not alone and others have similar feelings. This games provides hope and the satisfaction of knowing we are in this together!

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