My first audio story, read by The Voice of Dog!


Greetings, friends! Today, my short story “Of a Hawk and a Lighthouse” has been released on the podcast The Voice of Dog by Khaki!

In this story, an abandoned lighthouse on a lonely cliff receives an unexpected visitor. Her new friend helps the lighthouse shine again. But will it last?


You can listen to Khaki’s lovely reading of my story here: I hope it adds some light to your day!

8 thoughts on “My first audio story, read by The Voice of Dog!

  1. Hi Amy, enjoyed listening to your latest book It was great, so well written. Descriptions made me feel like I was right there at the lighthouse. Could imagine the lighthouse shining on the ocean and the hawks flying around.

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  2. Thank you! So beautiful! Think it’s my current favorite! Shared on Facebook! Do you have it in Print too? Your writing is so descriptive and lyrical! The Voice of the Dog is wonderful too! Sounds like Noah (forgot his last name), your Mom might know. Congratulations! I love it! ❤️

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    • Thank you, Becky! I’m happy you liked the story so much! An earlier version was published in print in an annual College of the Redwoods anthology called Poets & Writers. I don’t believe the versions from earlier years are available anywhere anymore. You probably have a copy though. Love you!


      • Thanks for info! I’ll check my Fontaine library! Wanted to send you reply from Kat who I forwarded “Lighthouse/Hawk” to but seems you didn’t get it and now I cannot find it. She commented back to me that: “IT’S WONDERFUL!!! I love it!” I’ll keep trying to send you her reply to me when I locate it in cyberspace.

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  3. Thank you for another beautiful story. It was a peace-filled & hope-filled Story, a wonderful way to spend a few moments on a warm, sunny afternoon!

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