Virtual conventions? Yes please!

Hi, friends! Check out Andrea’s review of the amazing virtual SFF convention, Flights of Foundry, that happened this weekend! This was a great experience for me too. I learned a lot, had a blast, and made cool new friends!


Amy Clare Fontaine

the Little Red Reviewer

This weekend, I attended my first fully virtual SFF convention, Flights of Foundry.  In fact, at the moment that I started drafting this blog post,  panels were still happening!

Fresh from the experience, I can say without a doubt- if you have the opportunity to attend and online convention, DO IT.   Flights of Foundry had a suggested donation, but you could register for free.  I did a donation for my registration, and for how much enjoyment I got out of my experience (and no travel expenses!), I plan to send them another donation to show my gratitude.

Are there some negatives to a virtual convention? yes, but in my opinion the positives far outweigh the negatives.    Keep in mind I have no idea what technological things were happening behind the scenes,  what I do know is that the volunteers kept the Go To Meeting feeds and Zoom feeds running…

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One thought on “Virtual conventions? Yes please!

  1. Amy, Sounds like it was really interesting and a lot of panels/discussions to join! Really good stuff for you: editing info, behind the scenes stuff, and particularly the difficult to accept fact that no one knows how the reader will interpret their work – authors can only hope readers get it the way they intended. Virtual seems the way to go, especially the no hotels, flights, finding the right panels, etc. The biggest advantage is saving money and the comfort of home! It’s also much safer especially right now! I’m so glad you participated! You are so very talented, imaginative, descriptive and a great storyteller but it’s good to absorb and be inspired by new ideas and info. Love your work!

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