New Stories!

Hi, friends! I have some new short stories out since last we spoke!

“Beyond Acacia Ridge” is out in an anthology called Exploring New Places (paperback here, ebook here). This story is about two spotted hyenas who run away from the clan into which they were born, in search of freedom, friendship, and an impossible prize.

“The Last Roundup” is out in ROAR Volume 9 (paperback here, ebook here). This story features an anthropomorphic cattle dog rancher who must adapt when his livelihood is threatened by changing times.

Finally, “The Star Ball” is out in Insignia: Asian Birds & Beasts! The main characters in this story are a young boy in Kyoto who aspires to be an entomologist and a mischievous kitsune (magical many-tailed fox) who aspires to take over the city.

There, we’re up-to-date! I’d also like to mention that Where We May Wag, the charity anthology that features my story “Too Close to the Sun,” is now available in paperback here (it was previously available only in ebook form).

Thanks for checking out my stories!

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