ROAR Volume 8


ROAR Volume 8 is now available! It is a PG-13 anthology of short stories featuring anthropomorphic animal characters, centered around the theme of “Paradise.” From the editor, Mary E. Lowd:

“Paradise can be the stark natural beauty of our own world; it can be the connections we have with the people we love; it can be a moment in time. Paradise can be a place we’re seeking or a place that we didn’t realize we already had until it started to slip away. It can have a dark side. Even shining science-fiction utopias can come with a price.

Read this book and take a journey through eighteen different visions of paradise—beginning with the personal and natural, traveling through the societal and technological, and all the way out to the supernal and divine. A great book can heal you when you’re hurting, give you an escape that you desperately need, or even rekindle a lost spark of hope.

Let this book be a small piece of paradise for you.”

My own story in the anthology, “When Pigs Fly,” is about a pig with a big dream. Check out a print ( or ebook ( copy of ROAR Volume 8 today!

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