For Beyond Acacia Ridge:

“This story is part love story and part fable, and it reads very much like both. Filled with the author’s expertise on the various animal species featured, it is a lovely, super sweet, touching tale about freedom, independence, love, and acceptance.” – Frances Pauli, author of the Hybrid Nation series (read the full review here:

“A courageous and complicated friendship that defies instinct and social structure is at the heart of this well-crafted, insightful book… Few novels with anthropomorphic animal characters are written with such accurate attention to the details about the real-life habits and communication styles of the species represented. This knowledge of hyena behavior adds a flavor of realism and empathy to the book that lifts it beyond the scope of the usual animal story... I highly recommend this book!” – Becky D., Amazon Reviewer

In a culture increasingly preoccupied with the “lookism” of selfies and self-absorption of social media, this little book is a delightful quick read about a young female hyena who struggles with feeling “less than” and bullied. It is a hopeful tale about friendship, authenticity and social redemption.” – P.M. Gomez, Amazon Reviewer

“A fun, heartwarming story.” – Epoch Wolf, Amazon Reviewer

For Mist:

“I RECOMMEND THE HECK OUT OF THIS BOOK! Amy did a fantastic job, and I really can’t wait to read more from her.” – Vincenzo Pasquarella, author of The Phantom Janitor

“This is a magical journey of transformation, friendship, and self-discovery… [T]he writing was lovely, and the arc was satisfying. A very nice YA novel.” – Mary E. Lowd, author of The Snake’s Song and the Otters In Space series

Mist is a thrilling, fast-paced adventure encouraging everyone who reads to remember the magic we’ve all long forgotten.” – Mark J. Engels, author of Always Gray in Winter

“I really, really liked it! …I cared about these characters and journeyed with them in earnest…I hope you are working on your second novel, Amy! Your gifts should continue to be shared!” – Four Chicks Mom, Amazon Reviewer

“A definite must read for teens and preteens.” – Candy, Amazon Reviewer

“This adventure book is well-written and suspenseful, with characters that will quickly find their way into your heart.” – Beverly, Amazon Reviewer

“Engaging and hopeful… [W]ell worth the purchase, especially if you’d like to jump off the predictable path of the classics... Mist is a worthy read and would make for an interesting book report or late-night-and-under-the-blankets reading binge. My advice: Buy it. Read it.” – Travelin Man, Amazon Reviewer

“This is a children’s story for adults – or at least older teens – that speaks about achieving potential… It is a very well done book that uses fantasy to tell us something about reality. Will there be six more books coming?” – lars from mars, Amazon Reviewer

For “The Moon Fox”:

“The Moon Fox” was reviewed by Michelle Ristuccia at Tangent Online. Read the review here. Thank you, Michelle!